Spoken Word

You Are Blessed (Spoken Word) by Moira Maloney

We've always wanted to expand our video services to include content beyond just our usual wedding & events.  So, when we heard Moira’s spoken word during a service at church we jumped at the opportunity to capture and share it with others.  It is a real depiction of God’s grace and forgiveness in an unforgiving, sinful world.

It is event that Moira pulled this from the depths of her soul. Regardless of your personal beliefs, we hope it will stir up some great conversations and emotions, as well as cause you to reflect upon your everyday life. 

Looking to do a similar video or inspirational piece?  Please contact us!

Video Credit:  
Written and performed by Moira Maloney
Shot and directed by Alex Medvick and Kyle Mohr
Edited by Alex Medvick
Music by Kyle Mohr
On-screen text by Jennifer Sanford